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Meeting your needs no matter what the budget and helping you spend your money wisely.



Mark Grey Group is a unique, auto brokerage that facilitates automobile sales & leases. We provide an exclusive full service, one-stop shopping experience for our clients that emphasizes excellence in personal service throughout the automobile acquisition process. With over 35 years’ experience, Mark has fine-tuned this process. Our service is “turn-key”. Clients, quite literally, do not have to do anything but sign and drive the car once it is delivered.

Our services don’t stop there.

We can customize a vehicle’s looks or performance to satisfy any client’s wants and needs. When our clients need repairs, body work, or custom paint or wrapping, we source the best providers, arrange for vehicle pick up, oversee the work, and deliver the vehicle back to the client.

By listening closely to the client’s wants and needs, based on his 35 years’ experience in this industry, Mark can recommend those makes and models that will best fulfill that list and provide a satisfactory lease or ownership experience.

" I've had a love affair with automobiles since childhood. "

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The Mark Grey Group Standard


"If we can liken the process of purchasing or leasing your next vehicle to a football game, you buy or lease a new car on average once every three to five years where the other team (the dealer) plays that game on average over 100 times per month.  Continuing the football analogy, who do you think has more practice, skills, and is better equipped to win this game? " - Mark Grey

We bring those skills to your team, So the ‘lineup’ then becomes you and us on one side, against the dealer on the other.

For the past 35 years, the large number of cars we have sold and leased annually is proof that our business model works well and, as our client, you will be the recipient of the benefits from purchasing or leasing your next vehicle from Mark Grey Group.

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“Every step of the way, Mark kept me apprised of any issues. No surprises. Just smooth, easy sailing from start to finish.”

- Philip K.

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"Mark advised me about what to get and what not to, which was great, as I know nothing about cars! More importantly, he took his time and explained it clearly, and patiently."

— Kelly J.S.



Our goal is to reassure our clients that they do not have to deal with the unknowns and hassles of car leasing or the quest for ownership.  Mark has fine-tuned the process by which he is best able to match the right vehicle for his clients.  The focus of the process, according to Mark, is learning his client’s needs, wants, realistic usage, budget, and aesthetics.  No form, or online checklist. Just one on one, confidential interaction via phone, text, or email.  Following this, MGG researches all the incentives that are currently offered to the public and those that the public are unaware of.  Once the right vehicle is located, MGG begins all the necessary paperwork to handle the transfer of ownership or lease documents required to deliver the vehicle to you.  The process begins with a phone call from you to us and ends with a car at your door.  It’s that simple. Our process eliminates the need for any client to have to deal with car salesmen at any dealership, or communication with anyone from the management of the dealership. 

"If the dealers listened carefully to the wants and needs of the client, did not try to gouge them on pricing. and most importantly treated their customers with respect, genuine concern, and honesty, I would have been out of business a long time ago." - Mark Grey

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