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A properly written lease can be an attractive financial alternative to buying. If you would like more information about leasing and to determine if is right for you, please call Mark at 818-915-9390.

Lower Monthly Payments

Because you’re only paying for the portion of the car or truck that you actually use, your monthly payments are 30%-60% lower than for a purchase loan for the same term.

More Car, More Often

With lower monthly payments, you’ll be able to get more car for your money and drive a brand-new car every two to four years, depending on the length of the lease.

Fewer Maintenance Headaches

Most people like to lease for a term that coincides with the length of the manufacturer’s warranty so that if something major goes wrong with the car, it’s always covered.

Lower Up-Front Cash Outlay

Many leases require little or no down payment, which makes getting into a new car more affordable and frees up your cash for other things.

Lower Tax Bite

In most US States, you only pay sales tax on your monthly lease payments, instead of the entire value of the vehicle. And sales tax is paid monthly instead of upfront.

No Used Car Hassles

With leasing, the headaches of selling a used car are eliminated. When your lease ends, you can simply turn your car back to the leasing company and walk away.

Starting A New Lease

Choosing your vehicle, applying for credit, setting up the delivery, notifying your insurance company, can be done by phone to save you time. Once approved, we can even deliver the vehicle directly to your home or office.

End of Lease Advice & Repairs

We provide services to our clients who are approaching the end of their current lease. Whether it is information about the end-of-lease process or assistance turning in a vehicle, TMGG can help you every step of the way.  And if you are afraid the dealer or finance company will overcharge for damage to your current vehicle, we can even arrange for the necessary repairs to be performed at a reasonable cost. We can also facilitate the turn-in of the old, leased vehicle to the dealer as part of our services to ongoing lessees. 


Valley Coach features a selection of low-miles, lease returns purchased by MGG, amongst other great deals!

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